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Bill Gatesman has created a number of websites. This website, the Gatesman Photo Gallery and the Photography and the Creative Process website showcase Bill’s (mostly) black and white photography and his musings about the photographic artform.

Reproduced below is a copy of Bill’s first post to the Photography and the Creative Process website which explains the philosophical basis for his photographic websites.

My Autumnal Garden: Thoughts on My Creative Process
Originally published October 4, 2007
William M. Gatesman

My autumnal garden stands out in the neighborhood: an explosion of color standing 7 feet tall — the height of the Cosmos blossoms. Yet some of my other flowers have wilted, leaving seed heads that I pick and place in a jar for planting next spring.

My autumnal garden is a metaphor for my creative process. I had been planning to submit a number of photographs — some of which stand out, like the Cosmos blossoms, as images in the Gatesman Photo Gallery— to a black and white photo contest. Like my garden, which is responding to the lack of summer heat, my ambitions respond to the lack of available funds and time [starving lawyer that I am — the photo contest requires a submission fee and time to prepare the images], and my intention to submit the photos suddenly stands, barren of petals, a mere seed head of potentiality.

Like the flower seeds I have placed in a jar, these seeds of potentiality carry the promise of a new garden. No sooner do I screw shut the lid on the mason jar when images of a new forum — a new garden of creativity, if you will — rise up in my imagination.

[These websites are] my new garden. Welcome!

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